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2nd Update:

Yes, SWATH has done it! It has beat The Hunger Games opening weekend overseas!

Snow White and the Huntsman did not have the premium ticket prices going for it unlike THG, however it still took out THG opening weekend at the foreign box office scoring $39.3 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Skeptics can slice this anyway they want, but this is huge. Next weekend we are going to hear about how great Promethus will do and without a doubt will overtake SWATH because of the premium ticket. Nevertheless, SWATH showed all those who thought 'Mirror, Mirror' would have the advantage being released first that it did not matter. 

Box provides the following analysis:

Internationally the film grossed an outstanding $39.3M at 4,487 dates in 45 territories; with the film opening as number one in 30 territories. Highlights include:

• U.K. is its top opener with an estimated $5.5M at 476 dates. (The U.K. has two national holidays and school holidays this week and 5 weeks as counter-programming to the Euro Cup) 

• Spain opened No. 1 with an estimated $3.8M at 393 dates and 47% market share.

• Mexico opened No. 1 with an estimated $4.4M at 571 dates and 44% market share.

• Openings in Asia are led by Korea with $3M at 258 dates. Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand all opened No. 1 and grossed over $1M each.

• The film has 18 territories including Australia, France, Italy, Japan and Russia to open over the next two months. Next the film opens in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Latvia and the Netherlands.


Deadline has updated their figures and SWATH will win its opening weekend and make almost $100 million worldwide.  

Deadline states that it also has the possibility of beating both The Hunger Games and Twilight's opening weekend numbers. But the difference between Twilight and Hunger Games is that Twilight was really unknown to others outside of fans of the book at the time, was a low-budget indie without the luxury of the premium ticket prices; however, it almost made back its entire budget in the weekend as well.

However, to beat THGs opening weekend numbers or to even come as close as Deadline is stating, would indeed be an upset since it was attached to the premium IMAX ticket prices. 

A further note, Kristen Stewart's Breaking Dawn Part 1 ($705,058,657) also a 2D film, is beating The Hunger Games ($643,692,726) in worldwide box office and will unlikely be caught once THGs finally closes.


SWATH opened strong worldwide with more markets to go, according to Deadline.  Universal Studios has been having a rough go at the box office with the releases of The Five Year Engagement in April and Battleship in May which both films underwhelmed at the box office. 

Deadline states the following about SWATH's current numbers:

"...Universal’s #1 film Snow White And The Huntsman (3,773 theaters) came in at $20.3M Friday and $55.8M for this domestic weekend. That result is better than expected for the 2D original fantasy. actioner that cost $172M and didn’t have the benefit of a 3D premium or franchise recognition."

"....overseas Snow White opened in 45 territories and was the #1 movie in 30 territories and especially strong in Latin America and Asia. It will gross $39.3M this weekend, which is on a par with The Hunger Games’ $38M and better than Twilight‘s $30M, for a $95.1M worldwide cume." 

"Highlights include Mexico ($1M at 588 dates and 48% market share), Spain ($900K at 393 dates and 51% market share), Germany ($1.5M at 618 dates in 2 days), UK ($1M at 476 dates and with previews total is $2.6M (where the movie was overwhelmed by Fox’s Prometheus."

"The UK has two national holidays and school holidays next week and 5 weeks as counter-programming to the Euro Cup, so we expect the film to have a long run,” a Uni exec emailed me.  Snow White has 18 territories including Australia, France, Italy, Japan and Russia to open over the next two months." 

"It’s now safe to say that Snow White is breaking the post-Avengers early summer slump which has claimed 5 straight major studio releases so far because the Marvel mega-blockbuster was sucking all the air out of domestic box office. Insiders now expect the movie’s internationalcume to ultimately earn $250M-$275M all-in."

“We’ll make money with the movie which we really care about. No one can rag us this week,” a Uni exec said to me this morning.

Fans can be proud that their movie is exceeding all expectations.  Go here to find out when Snow White and the Huntsman will open in your area. 

Read the earlier box office analysis after the jump.

No need to post reviews because it does not matter what a critic has to say about this film, it is what the public has to say and they have spoken...loud and clear.  Fans came out to see Snow White and the Huntsman.

Josh Dicky of Variety sent out a couple of skeptical tweets yesterday suggesting that SWATH's opening was not going to be good:

"Universal anticipating a mid-$30 mil domestic box-office return for SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. Even tho studios lowball, that's not good." 

"Man, if #SWATH falls below the $30 mil mark a la #BATTLESHIP, ugh. Big problems for the U [Universal]."

Well Josh et. al. it is not happening.  

The Hollywood Reporter  and Deadline are reporting a box office better than expectations had presented by the studio heads.

Deadline reports, "Snow White’s midnight screenings in 1,092 theaters bear that out: they grossed an encouraging $1.383M. That’s a far better per-screen average for the non-3D/non-sequel movie than last weekend’s slow-to-start Men In Black 3 which took in $1.550M midnights from 2,232 theaters even with the 3D premium and sequel marketing advantage."

Although both are reporting that Universal "low balled" the tracking figures, it is neither here or there.  The bottom line is that this meager 2D non-3D film, did great during the midnight showings. 

Now, Deadline tossed in 'Prometheus' which opened head-to-head with SWATH in the UK.  Fresh off of their premiere, it is not surprising.  Deadline is reporting that it is doing better than both MIB & SWATH put together.

Well, Twitter was the tell tale sign of this happening.  While 'Snow White and the Huntsman' was trending strongly worldwide yesterday, 'Promethus' was trending just as strong in the UK only.  

We don't have an answer for 'MIB', however, having a sci-fi movie in 3D IMAX premium tickets comparing it to a 2D fantasy just doesn't seem fair.  Nevertheless, SWATH did way better than expected and that's OK. 


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