Sunday, July 1, 2012


FX/Joe Roth Telvision

Taking a chance with one of Hollywood's most controversial and volatile assets, SWATH Producer Joe Roth appears to have a hit on his hands.  His new show 'Anger Management' was the most watched scripted adult comedy in the history of cable TV, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  

Roth's television production company, Joe Roth Television, produces the sit-com starring Charlie Sheen as he is making a comeback after being removed from his CBS hit comedy show Two and a Half Men.  Sheen was dismissed from the series after a public dispute with its creator and for what some would consider to be a part of a "public meltdown". 

THR is reporting that there may be a possible order of 90 shows if a "rating threshold" is met.  Anger Management won the coveted 18-45 age category with 5.47 million viewers in its first episode and increased with the second episode to 5.74.

Producers will have to see if the ratings will hold, but it looks like Sheen may have his mojo back. 

Anger Management sees Sheen stepping into the role of ex-ball player, current anger management coach Charlie Goodson, who gets up to hijinks involving his ex-wife (Shawnee Smith), therapist (Selma Blair), teenaged daughter (Daniela Bobadilla) and various clients (Noureen DeWulf, Barry Corbin) ~ Collider 


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