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Dwarf effect interviews the Snow White and the Huntsman effects team who talk about how all of the effects came about and working with Director Rupert Sanders.  The Effects Team is:  Effects Supervisors Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Phil Brennan, Todd Shifflett, Bryan Hirota, Nicolas Hernandez, Edson Williams, Steve Moncur, Angela Barson, Lindsay MacGowan, Nvizage owner / founder Martin Chamney.

Visual Effects Supervisor Cedric Nicolas-Troyan talks about what direction the effects were to take in the film.

"We wanted to keep the fairy tale aspect somewhat grounded,’ states Cedric Nicolas-Troyan. “The first thing was not trying to explain everything and anything. The second thing was to avoid any type of light, glowy or over-the-top effectsy FX as much as possible..."

Original plate at top - Finished comp at bottom

Due to the schedule constraints along with the budget, the effects work was divided among several vendors:

"...we had to take the divide and conquer approach based on the design of the film,” states Cedric Nicolas-Troyan when explaining how he and his colleague select the various VFX vendors and achieved a unified look throughout the picture. “Animals, creatures and all ‘life’ by design went to Rhythm & Hues. The dark, cold and ‘death’ by design went to Double Negative. The battle and soldiers went to Pixomondo. The Mirror Man went to The Mill. We chose the vendors based on what we believed were their forte."  

"Bringing the Enchanted Forest to big screen was the responsibility of the main VFX vendor for the fantasy adventure."

The effects team talk about the pre-visualization as well as CGI effects. 

Rupert had input on all aspects of the effects even the unique title treatment at the beginning and end of the movie.

" Rupert has a great eye for detail,” states The Mill Creative Director Henry Hobson. “Even though he was deep in thousands of other visual effects shots he would always pop in to chat about the titles, bringing some great ideas and thoughts into the process." 

Take a look at the different photos of effects from SWATH below.  Read the entire article about all of the SWATH effects here.

Images belong to Universal Pictures, Rythm & Hues, Pixomondo, The Mill London, Base Black, Blue Bolt and Nvizage

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