Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sam Claflin (l) and Joe Claflin (r) in a production of Sinbad 

SWATH's Sam Claflin has a lot to be proud of these days.   Coming off of this summer's blockbuster hit SWATH as well as the critically acclaimed BBC television series White Heat and landing what is considered the most coveted role in The Hunger Games franchise as Finnick Odair, he is now a proud sibling of a fellow actor who will add to the Claflin family stardom.

Sam's (26) younger brother Joe Claflin (23) who recently graduated from his brother's alma mater, the London Academy of Dramatic Art, has reportedly landed a role in the television series Da Vinci’s Demons.

“It’s a very, very small part, but in a brilliant production with some big, very talented actors,” he tells the Norwhich Evening News.

Joe realizes that the acting business is very competitive but has to find a way to distinguish himself from other actors.

"I’m very excited … also very nervous. It’s such a competitive business … I’ve been to a couple of auditions now where I’ve walked in to see a few clones waiting outside, and I think 'What’s going to separate me from these guys?'"

Of course he was asked the inevitable question about competing against his successful brother Sam.  However, Joe reveals there is no competition.  It's all about love.

"I get asked a lot: ‘Do you find it annoying that your brother is doing so well?’ 
“But at the end of the day why would I? I support and follow him with unbelievable love and interest."

If anyone follows the Claflin Clan on Twitter, you would know this to be true.

Joe says he hopes to work with his brother in the future and we are certainly looking forward to a Claflin brother hook up. 

Read more about Joe here.  You can follow Joe here on Twitter and Sam here.

Joe Claflin

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