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In a recent interview in conjunction with the SWATH Blu-ray DVD release in the UK, SWATH dwarf Johnny 'Quert' Harris spoke with Indie London about SWATH and other topics.

Harris talks about the potential for a sequel, tells a charming story about his increased popularity with his teenage cousins because of him being in the film with Kristen Stewart, singing on the soundtrack as well as his next projects.   

This is a really good and insightful interview from his perspective.  Read some excerpts from his interview below.

Harris talks about being Quert and his popularity with family members because of Stewart.

"He’s a bad dude, yeah [laughs]. I guess that’s why playing Quert in Snow White was such a refreshing change for me. When [director] Rupert [Sanders] said I would be playing the softie of the bunch I kind of laughed. He did also say they were a tough little bunch. But I also got to sing as well. If you’d told me I’d be singing in a Universal pictures movies a couple of years ago I’d have laughed because I’m not a singer. But by sheer luck, none of the other guys were singers either! We all gave it a go and Rupert went through the list before eventually, against will, pushing me forward. He said they would be able to dub it if it was really bad. But it’s me and now I’m officially on an album." 

"It comes in handy with regards to scoring points with my little cousins. Prior to being in Snow White I never got so much as a second glance from them but as soon as I was in a film with Kristen Stewart, all of a sudden I was getting calls. I got married last week and all my cousins are around the 12-13 mark and you could see how I’ve changed in their eyes. Now, all of a sudden they’re asking me about my work and asking if I can get Kristen’s autograph!" 

Harris does not know the status of the next film but will be ready to go if called.

" hear all sorts of rumours and there’s a good chance. But I don’t know is the honest answer. It’s really healthy for an actor just to keep things in the moment. And I’m really lucky to be busy. I’m writing at the moment too. So, if it [the sequel] was to happen I’ll hear about it when I’m meant to. The good thing is that you get plenty of notice with films like that, so there’s no need to worry. I think only the producers know at this stage what’s happening."

Harris talks more about his experience with SWATH and working with the legendary Bob Hoskins (Muir) who has recently retired due to the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease as well as with Kristen Stewart (Snow White).  

About SWATH:

"It’s been lovely to do because the response to it has been beautiful. A big movie like this can sometimes forgo storytelling in favour of effects. But people seem to have really gone for it. All the actors on it have come through realism in their performances… people like Ray Winstone and Bob Hoskins. We all wanted to make it as honest and real and engaging as we could, so it’s been gratifying to see that people have responded to that in what they’ve been saying about the film."

Working with Stewart:

"Yeah, the scene in particular was the funeral scene when I had to sing. And it only got confirmed on the morning that I’d be singing on my own because of the technicality of getting us all to do it. In moments like that, when the camera is focused on you, you tend to find other actors disappear but they remained standing in. It kind of tells you a lot about the feeling in general on the set. So, when I looked around Kristen was there, and Chris [Hemsworth], and Ray and Bob were stood either side of me. I’ll never forget that moment. It was an emotional moment in the film, we were all crying a bit, and when I looked up Kristen was also crying and the camera was not even on her. So, I was tremendously grateful to her for that."

Harris gives a poignant take on Hoskins last day on set:

"Not many people know this and I think I’m right in saying this – I’m not sure if Bob had to do re-shoots – but the last scene we shot together was the coronation scene in the grand hall. You’re talking about a scene with 500 to 600, so a huge crowd in this massive hall, which had this lovely echoey effect, and Bob’s final scene involved him taking a bow in front of this huge cheering crowd. It was really poignant because you don’t usually get that in film. As a stage actor, you get applause, but as a film actor they call ‘cut’ and you trudge off home to look at the next day’s scene. We get our premieres, I suppose, so it’s swings and roundabouts. But it was so nice and fitting that his final scene on film is Bob taking a bow." 

Read more of this extensive interview here.  The SWATH DVD will be released in the UK on October 1st. Click here to order a Blu-ray copy today and just click on the Amazon link to all SWATH products on this page to get the CD and hear Harris sing 'Gone'. 

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Photo sources:
Johnny Harris, Universal Pictures, Rythm & Hues

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