Friday, January 11, 2013


Holding steady at nine Oscar wins, if Colleen Atwood wins at this February's Oscar ceremony, she will be the most "Oscar lauded costume designer" as The Hollywood Reporter puts it. What more can one say about this?

"It’s a good day today,” is what Atwood said to THR during an interview yesterday.  Yeah, ok. We'll go with that.

Atwood is currently tied with costume designer Sandy Powell who created costumes for Shakespeare In Love (1999), Aviator (2004), Young Victoria (2010) and Hugo (2011), according to THR.

Atwood's creations were uniquely created for the world of Snow White and the Huntsman.  


"She calls Snow White a 'particularly stylistically challenging film. It was a great and very exciting design experience, and I always like to challenge myself.'"

According to THR, the technical awards will be issued on February 9th where she plans on wearing one of her own designs.  

“It's easy for me to design something and have it made quickly. I can figure that out myself.”

Who needs Valentino when you're a nine time Oscar-winning designer yourself.  You go girl!

Here are a few of Atwood's designs below and read the rest at THR.

Photo source: Universal

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