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 ~ From "A Brief History of the Razzie (Registered Trademark) Awards"~ "Starting with an Oscar® Night ceremony so small it was actually staged in a living room alcove, The Golden Raspberry (RAZZIE®) Awards have since grown into what E! On-Line recently called "the foremost authority on all things that suck on the big screen." Annually presenting Dis-Honors for Worst Achievements in Film since 1980 in categories ranging from the obvious (Worst Picture, Actor and Actress) to the obtuse (Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel and Worst Screen Couple) The RAZZIES® today receive television, radio and newspaper coverage around the world. Their yearly bestowing of Tinsel Town's Tackiest Trophies is regularly covered by all three major worldwide newswire services (AP, UPI and Reuters) CNN, major market TV network affiliates across the U.S. and on nationwide ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR network radio news. They also receive print coverage in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, Premiere and People-on-Line Magazines. It has been estimated that the worldwide audience annually exposed to information about The RAZZIES® is over One Billion People." 

Pins and needles. The Razzies nominations have had Hollywood quaking annually since 1980 all because they dreaded seeing their names on the most hated "Worst List" outside of Joan Rivers' "Fash-hole of the Day." Only a couple of brave winners over the decades have showed up to receive their rewards. Halle Berry being the most memorable.

Kristen Stewart has been nominated for two individual Razzies for Worst Actress (SWATH and Breaking Dawn Part 2) as well her her film Breaking Dawn Part 2 for every other category available for film nomination. Her film On the Road received no nominations. The nominations, in this case, are simply ridiculous.

The Razzies claim on their site that they are "a light-hearted parody of award shows in general (and The Oscars in particular). The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation's well-aimed Darts of Derision have always been directed at Hollywood's High Profile Humiliations."

"Light-hearted?" "Well-aimed Darts of Derision have always been directed at Hollywood's High Profile Humiliations." Really? 

This means that Stewart's performances in SWATH and Breaking Dawn Part 2 were a "High Profile of Humiliation" making them the worst performances out of all of the hundreds of movies made in 2012. You really have to ask what is truly going on because there is absolutely no reasonable explanation for these nominations.

No other actor, no director not even SWATH was nominated for a Razzie.  Only Stewart. The question is why?


More "Rip-off" after the jump

The video above shows the Razzie nominations. The first award is the Worst Remake, Rip-off or Sequel based on 48,000 users on Rotten Tomatoes. That is 48,000.

So, let's take a look at Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Rotten Tomatoes:

4 out of 5 stars on average.  Over 140,000 votes.  Uh, that's 140,000 votes. 77% out of 100.  The audience liked it.  So again, how is this one of the worst sequels of 2012?  

Are the Razzies loading their members up on Rotten Tomatoes to push the ratings down?  What 48,000 are they talking about? The evidence shows over 140,000 voted and on average, liked it. 

Facts are stubborn things.  But there may be a couple of other reasons why the Razzies are making these nominations.


"The Twilight Saga will enter the history of the cinema as the most bullied and discriminated series of all times. Just because it is a female driven movie. A bunch of chauvinists think that women are dumb and ridiculous childish. It is fun to make jokes about it and its fanbase. It is a shame and will be analize in the future as the most misogynist time period where grown men drooling about a ridiculous Iron Man or Jack Reacher or every comic book and trash what million of women in the world has the right to like without be discriminated as dumb and infantile. Never in my life saw a so dark period. Where haters, bullies and jerks are incetived by "serious" intellectual people with their predjudiced opinion. Everything Twilight is a good joke... include serious actors, with years of praised performances and huge body of work forgotten, being just labelled as trash." ~ @luacheia99

@Luacheia99's passionate statement was written in response to a tweet by Ray Subers of Box Office Mojo who tweeted, "On the flip side, the TWILIGHT noms seem to be about the franchise as a whole, not the (occasionally awesome) finale."  

Huh?! What? Wait...this is not how the Razzies are supposed to work.  From the Razzies' own statement, actors and films are selected because they are a "humiliation" for that particular year's performance and for no other reason.

So it stands to reason, that there is something else going on here. @Luacheia99 may not be from America but we clearly understand what she was expressing.  She made another interesting point at the end of her statement:

"I want you to know that, first I am not young, not American and not a "twihard", just an old female movie goer who is a fan of a lot of movie actresses and a young actress named Kristen Stewart, who I think is very gifted, very talented. It has been very interesting to watch her to grow as an artist, a person and a woman. Who I think has a bright future if she continues to do good choices. Just one more thing... look at the stats of all the Saga movies and all SWATH in your site Mojo and will see that 60 to 65 % of the audience IS NOT AMERICAN! It does say something, don't you think?

Being non-American but a fan of Stewart's, it appears that she is offended by what the Razzies' nominations represent and can find no logical reason why Stewart, in SWATH only and Breaking Dawn 2 were nominated outside of a hatred of the female-led franchise of which Stewart is the lead actress. 

Stewart's foreign support is strong as @Luacheia99 has indicated. Box Office Mojo:

BD2: Domestic: $289,235,462 35.5% + Foreign: $524,700,000 64.5% = Worldwide: $813,935,462   

SWATH: Domestic: $155,332,381 39.2% + Foreign: $241,260,448 60.8% = Worldwide: $396,592,829

Twilight Examiner Amanda Bell wrote about the treatment of the Twilight franchise. A quote from the franchise screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg that she gave to O Magazine supports Luacheia99's statement.

"You could produce a ridiculous action flick for 13-year-old boys, and critics will say, 'Oh, it’s just an action flick,'" Rosenberg explained. 

"But the vitriol directed toward Twilight is astounding. It may not be Doctor Zhivago, but I think some critics call it stupid and frivolous not because it’s inherently bad but because it’s made for girls."

There is no secret that the Twilight franchise's success has led to a level of vitriol in Hollywood that has never been associated with any other franchise in its history. It also allows those opportunists (Razzies) to capitalize on it as well.

Posting stories and gossip about Stewart or anything Twilight obtains immediate hits on sites i.e. TMZ, E! Online etc... which allows them to make money based upon the hits. Sites also make money by including anything Twilight on a poll (E!'s Fashion Police "Who Wore it Better" or MTV's Movie Brawl) to get dedicated fans to click onto their sites and vote.  

When it was announced that Breaking Dawn 2 received Razzie nominations in every category, there was immediate outrage expressed on Twitter.  Surprisingly, not all of it was from the average Stewart or Twilight fan.  The Razzie criticisms came from film critics and entertainment bloggers...from GUYS.

@colliderfrosty: agreed RT @misterpatches: Fact: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 does not deserve any Razzie nominations. 

@MattGoldberg Sorry, Razzies. TWLIGHT can't be the worst film of the year because of its amazing battle scene. 

@larry411 Put that up your razz. (He wrote after tweeting Breaking Dawn 2's current box office figures)

@Sam_Strange: The Razzies deserve to be made fun of. 

@EricDSnider The official full name for The Razzies is The Making Fun of the Easiest Targets, Please Pay Attention to Us!!! awards. 

@EricDSnider Fact: 97% of people who would describe BREAKING DAWN PART 2 as one of the worst movies of 2012 did not see it.

@EricDSnider @misterpatches Oh, I'm definitely on board w/mocking terrible movies.The Razzies just go after the popular,low-hanging fruit 

@EricDSnider @zachheltzel Then you will LOVE the last act of Part 2. Totally insane.

You immediately knew there was something wrong regarding the nominations. Breaking Dawn 2 is considered the best film in the franchise and boasts one of the most talked about surprise endings in film.  It has also made the most money in the franchise history.  No it is not Spartacus, but it was a fun movie to watch and it certainly was not the worst of 2012.  So why did the Razzies nominate the film and Stewart?

To put it bluntly, money. With these nominations, the Razzies have shown that they are no longer in the business of selecting "the worst."  It is no secret around the world the Twilight fans are the most prolific supporters of their franchise.  Twilight fans voting strength has changed how sites conduct their contests i.e. limiting the amount of votes per person to the changing of contest rules.  

Last year, MTV radically changed how the nominees for its film awards would be selected because either the Twilight film and their actors won in every category for the three years in a row when nominated.  

The Razzies have shown an abhorrence for both Stewart and her Twilight franchise over the years.  It appears that they have found a way to capitalize on the fans voting trends by nominating Stewart and her franchise regardless if it is not deserved.  

In order to vote, a membership must be purchased. Memberships run from $40 to $500 with a renewal costing $25.  With Stewart and the Twilight franchise having millions of fans around the world...well you get the picture.  

The nominations also give the Razzies what they want...immediate attention.  This will also lead to website hits, YouTube hits, television and blog interviews and more which leads to money.  What the Razzies are doing is no different than a supermarket tabloid placing Stewart on its cover week after week making up falsehoods in order to make money.  

These nominations cannot be justified, therefore making the whole process a farce. 

But the attention and money are not the only prize the egotistical self-aggrandizing hypocrites at the Razzies will receive, they will make a lot of money purposefully tainting a franchise and an actress which neither deserves. 

A Razzie nomination kind of sticks in the crawl.  Haters will write about it without any consideration regarding the nomination not being justified. 

But no matter what the false reasons the Razzies may have for nominating Kristen and her franchise, they cannot take away the fact that she was the lead actress in two successful blockbuster films in 2012 worst actress or not.  And that's not bad at all. 

So Razzies, the bullies that you are, Stewart helped you obtain the attention you wanted so you can make a lot of bank off of her like the rest of the parasites in the business.  

You have no credibility and hopefully, in time, you will just fade to black.

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