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SWATH fan @KylieKerosene shares a photo of herself on
Opening Day June 1, 2012

SWATHers from around the world took a trip down memory lane yesterday by celebrating the 1-year release anniversary of Snow White and the Huntsman.

The day began by reminding fans of SWATH's box office success with the retweeting of past posts including "Thank Yous" to the fans from Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth for making SWATH #1 at the box office. The day ended with two separate viewings of SWATH.

Spearheaded by @jenannrodrigues, other SWATH fansites including EB joined in a semi-marathon watching of SWATH.  

Fans had two opportunities to participate, via Twitter, in what was dubbed the "#SWATHWatchAlong." Fans expressed their feelings about the film as well as other subjects (the media's failed press junkets - discussed more below) during the social media gathering.  All tweets included the hashtag to denote the celebration.  

As a bonus, the hashtag trended on Twitter. 

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Fans were treated to SWATH souvenir giveaways and movie gift cards.  They also answered trivia and fun poll questions about the film.

Fans were so enthusiastic about the celebration, they began tweeting photos of themselves showing what they did during either opening day or that weekend (see below). 

It was a fun day for all.

To top off the special day, two cast members surprised us on Twitter with responses to questions that were asked during the second viewing.

A discussion began about how the media failed the fans during the press junkets by continuously asking the same questions to the cast.  The redundancy was frustrating because it did not reveal either interesting or different information about their experiences during production. Even Fansite interviewers are known to turn out more interesting facts about film productions than the "so-called professionals." 

How many times can one hear Kristen Stewart have to explain the punch to Chris Hemsworth's nose even after the official press conference and her appearance on The Tonight Show? Or hear, "Did you think Kristen nailed the accent?"

An example was given about how at conventions fans are able to ask the cast questions and find out interesting facts about production which cannot be ascertained anywhere else.  Yes, the media is allowed to ask nuanced questions; however, thinking outside of the box does not quite jive with the herd mentality thus continuously hearing the "nose punch" and the "British accent" questions. 

For the record, when you have the British say her accent was good, don't you think you should take it as a fact and stop asking? 

While watching the film, a few fun questions were tweeted as examples of interesting facts a fan would like to know.  Johnny Harris (who plays the dwarf Quert) and Paul Lowe (dwarf stunt double) surprised us with responses on Twitter.

Can this celebration get any better?

Below are the tweets of the questions and responses along with a couple of photos fans shared. 

Thanks to all the fans for supporting SWATH!  Thanks to Johnny Harris and Paul Lowe for giving us insight into your experiences. Thanks to @jenannrodrigues and to the SWATH fansites for participating. It was a lot of fun. 

Make sure you stay tuned for SWATH 2 production news.


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