Friday, August 22, 2014


Academy Award winning actress Anne Hathaway joined Instagram in order to complete her portion of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But while she was at it, she decided to nominate a few people of her own and one of those people was Kristen Stewart.

And we thought they were buddies considering they just had fun filming a video together.  

Thanks to his 'Avengers' mate Robert Downey Jr., we've already seen Chris Hemsworth completed his challenge even though it was after the 24 hour deadline. However, with 24 hrs already ticking, will Stewart complete hers?

Well let's hope she received the word because she's a half world away filming Equals in Japan. Maybe she could get Nicholas Hoult to do the honors or maybe Guy Pearce since he was nominated by his 'Rover' co-star Robert Pattinson. They can do it together (smiles). But no doubt she will get the word.

Hathaway looked adorable as ever challenging Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey and the infamous Joan Rivers whom Hathaway has a well-known disliking for...she's not alone. 

So let's see if Stewart will get the word and take the challenge. 

Time is ticking....(chuckles).  Check out Hathaway challenge Stewart below.  Donate to ALS here.

Watch Hathaway take the plunge here.

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