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Wearing Chanel fall/winter haute couture in the new Vanity Fair (France), Kristen Stewart hits the cover to give us a look into her post-Twilight life. 

The interview is one of the rare ones that is actually good. Ingrid Sischy asked questions to provide insight into Stewart's world in a non-sensational way.    

It's real. It's raw. It's rebellious. It's Kristen.

Stewart provides a peek into what has been going with her after the release of her final Twilight film 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' and 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.  

Warning: Language

IS: Why did it take two years after that for you to agree to doing a movie?

KS: I was looking around. There are a couple of things that started and stopped that didn't get off the ground, and I put a lot of time into those things that didn't go anywhere, which, happens. And after that—this could totally say something about where I was at—it took a special thing. Who knows if I were to look now at the stack of scripts that I went through during that period? I wonder if there would be something that I would go, "Oh how did that get by?" Seriously, I think that after Twilight and after Snow White and the Huntsman, which were such huge movies, that I felt I didn't want to search for the next "big, successful" thing. One thing that people do with two enormous movies is think that that's their thing now, to do big movies, and ride that wave. I got off this huge wave and said, "I'm going to go in for a bit." I'm going to come back out later. That was good. I needed some time off. I needed to get in with my friends. I needed to be back in my life. I needed to like, live in my house and be surrounded by my own shit and play guitar and write.

Any fan knows that Stewart is private but she clearly speaks about how media perceptions are not always as they seem. No one knows her personally but those who are close to her. The speculations and false assertions of fact about her personal life by the media should be taken with a grain of salt. Things are not always as they seem. 

"I never really thought of anything in terms of designing a career. I never tried to shape people's perspectives of me, which is something that a lot of people do. There are certain actors and artists who want to be a certain kind of actor or certain kind of artist, and I'm really not like that. I have very much fallen into every situation, every creative and not creative experience, that I have delved into, based on gut. Therefore true regret can never eat at me. In terms of what people consume about you and then subsequently how they shape their opinion of you, none of it is wrong. It's all a varied assortment of whatever flavors they've picked up at the newsstand or in the theater or on the Internet. But that literally is something that is not designed by me and so it's not something that bothers me. But I don't want to add to this already pre-existing, enormous mound of salacious bullshit that isn't real. That's not me defending anything. That's true. Just being in the middle of it it's weird to comment on it. But I feel oddly capable of stepping outside and going, "Isn't it obvious to everyone?" I mean, it's fun, like Valentine says, in Sils Maria. The stories are fun, but do you not realize that there are characters that have been cast in the media and people like to get their weekly fill on these stories. It's like soap opera. I try not to let it mess with me, because my true personal life, as much as people think they know about it, they don't know dick shit. Who could? By the way nobody knows. Nobody knows what the fuck is going on. You're going to die. You're going to lay next to the people that you know the most in life, the people that you're going to grow old with. But you're going to lay next to them in the middle of the night deeply curious about them and who they are, because nobody fucking knows anything."

Read the entire interview at Vanity Fair where she talks about her current projects (Clouds of Sils Maria, Camp -Ray), the future and more...









[Photo Credit]: Vanity Fair

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