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Snow White and the Huntsman makes its way to the original FX channel this Sunday, September 28th at 7PM ET after having its original world broadcast debut on the expansion channel FXX.  Since some cable and dish subscriber companies have yet to carry the FXX channel, this will be the world broadcast for most viewers. 

FX has been aggressively purchasing the commericial television rights to broadcast Hollywood's top films which cover the demographics of all its channels (FX targets adults 18-49, FXX targets adults 18-34 and FXM targets adults 25-54). 

Kristen Stewart's 'Twilight Saga' (which had another marathon this weekend) was one of FX's first major purchases. Other purchases include Marvel film series (Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman etc..), Universal's Ted and Battleship, Prometheus, Madagascar 3 and Men in Black 3 to name a few.  

There were several dramatic television ads created for the SWATH debut which rival any of the film trailers. 

The ads include plenty of action featuring Stewart as Snow White with voice overs from Charlize Theron and the late Bob Hoskins which will bring tears to your eyes listening to him say his most memorable lines from the film including, "She is the one." 

Although Universal has determined not to pursue the Snow White storyline moving the story to pre-Snow White in its upcoming prequel 'The Huntsman', fans can still appreciate this story as it was and as it should be.

Check out the ads in video below and don't forget to tune in this Sunday.

FXX: Snow White And The Huntsman World Broadcast Premiere from SLAQR on Vimeo.

[Credits]: 1/2/3

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