Friday, January 16, 2015


Kristen Stewart finished off her 'Still Alice' promotional week Thursday on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The interview was insightful and charming as she talked about working with Julianne Moore, becoming an actress, her downtime from movies and how she is not one to turn away from Twilight. 

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Host Seth Meyers asked Stewat if her parents were supportive of her becoming an actress at a young age. Stewart expressed her affection for her parents support.

"They were awesome," says Stewart. " 

Stewart says her parents are in the business and understood what it takes to be successful. Her mother traveled around with her for a year going on auditions. 

"Thank You," she says towards the camera. Stewart says it "paid off."

Meyers asked if she obtains roles to distance herself from Twilight (the franchise that made her famous) or embraces it. 

"Honestly, those are my high school years," Stewart says fondly. "I am in no way choosing...movies to step away from it."

Stewart explains there is no planning going into projects. She says she selects projects impulsively.

"Twilight blew up and I still look at it as being like something that's made me who I am." 

"In no way am I distancing myself," she stresses. I'm just trying to do cool stuff." 

Meyers attempted to get Stewart to tell what she did to wind down after filming because she's known for doing something "drastic." 

"After Still Alice? I don't know. None of your business, " Stewart laughs. She smiles and says, "I say that very fondly."

Check two interview clips and the entire show with interview below.

'Still Alice' opens today in New York and Los Angeles and in wide release February 13th.

Entire show

Source: Late Night
Photo: Just Jared

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