Sunday, October 23, 2011



Halloween is around the corner and you still have not figured out what to wear?  You can rent and/or buy a ready-made SWATH-styled costume as we discussed here.  But how about making your own Snow White costume like the one Kristen Stewart wears?!!

We have been following @ValeWolf religiously for days and hopefully not pestering her too much as we watched her slowly design, make patterns and build a Snow White armored costume FROM SCRATCH!! (See the photos below) 

She fought long and hard, even through having the flu, to get it done so you can have fun making your own costume just in time for Halloween.

For this, we just have to name @ValeWolf a SWATH SUPERFAN!!! We are sure you all will agree.

To learn how to make your own Snow White armored costume, go to  where the Step-by-Step Tutorial has been posted.  @ValeWolf promises that it will be easy to make. 

Good luck everyone and congrats again @ValeWolf. A job well done!!!


Shoulder Pads

Knee and leg armor

Back of chest armor

Arm shields

Photos by @ValeWolf

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