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Snow White and the Huntsman's U.K. premiere could take place on Monday May 14th 2012, according the U.K. Premiere online. It is currently "unconfirmed".

Meanwhile,  The Adventures of Tintin will have its premiere this Sunday, October 23rd at the Odeon West End, London. Two of SWATH's dwarfs star in the film, Nick Frost (Tiberius) and Toby Jones (Claudius).

'Tintin', produced and directed by Steven Spielberg along with famed Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson who is also a producer, is an animated adventure utilizing motion-capture technology.  IMDb describes it as follows:

"Tintin and Captain Haddock set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock's ancestor. But someone else is in search of the ship."

'Tintin' is played by British actor Jamie Bell who is known for his roles in Billy Elliot, Jumper and King Kong.  In his Associated Press interview, Bell says he "loved playing 'a great heroic character' that is straight-laced, old-fashioned and doesn't rely on anything but just natural instinct. I don't think we see those kind of heroes anymore."
However, 'Tintin' is not without controversy. 'Tintin' is based upon well-known comic strip.  According to Studio Briefing, some people accuse the original Belgian writer of the comic strip HergĂ©, of "racism, antisemitism, and sexism". The film will be devoid of women like the comic strip as well.
The public will have to judge for themselves but knowing Spielberg, he may have made this film more family friendly absent the original strips tone. Read more about the controversy here.

On a positive note, Indie Wire is reporting that there is Oscar talk surrounding the film's animation.

"In Contention’s British correspondent Guy Lodge reports on his viewing of during this week’s Oscar Talk with Kris Tapley. “The action sequences are more fluid,” Lodge says, than anything else in Steven Spielberg’s work. A downhill chase through the streets of Morocco is “jaw dropping…it’s such a ride.”

'Tintin' opens in the U.K. October 26th and in the United States December 21st.  See the original trailer below.  Go to the movie sight for more information here.

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