Friday, November 11, 2011



The London Evening Standard is reporting that there is a film-making boom in the UK and SWATH is one of the major films making it happen.

The UK's tax relief program is a major part of the increased.  The program has been extended for another four years. This will be an incentive for more films to make their way to the UK to be made bringing Hollywood A-listers and an increase in income for their economy. 

"Pinewood Studios - where Snow White And The Huntsman and Skyfall are in production - saw film revenues rise by 68 per cent for the six months to June 30, to £18.2million. Leading agency Mad Dog Casting said business has gone up almost threefold in a year. Head of casting Kate McLaughlin said: "All the studios are jammed and people are being forced to go to other countries to film as it's so busy."

Read the rest the article here.

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