Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Maybe as swashbuckling as SWATH's Prince William and just as dashing (because it's Sam), Sam Claflin has the honor of being solo on this week's cover of Entertainment Weekly as Catching Fire's Finnick Odair.

Claflin landed what could be considered the most coveted role in the Hunger Games trilogy outside of the main three - Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Gale (Liam Hemsworth).  

Claflin plays the handsome but arrogant Finnick who is a former tribute champion whose reputation is known to be a lady's man.

Fans are definitely looking forward to a bit of Claflin's sexy comedic side with this role if it sticks to the book. 

With less than two months to go, Lionsgate is heating up with its promotion of this Hunger Games sequel which will hopefully prominently feature Claflin as much as the book does.  Most fans consider this to be the best book of the trilogy (Mocking Jay, the final installment, is currently in production). 

Catching Fire will also have SWATH's Toby Jones reprise his role as Claudius Templesmith. 

Tickets went on sale today. Tickets can be purchased through Fandango or Movietickets.com either as IMAX, standard or as a double feature with Hunger Games.  

Catching Fire will be released on November 22nd. 

Source: @samclaflin

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