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SWATH had a few beauties and handsome hunks that could make this list but a few did.  

Empire issued their results of their fan poll for the 100 Sexiest Movie Stars.  The poll lists the stars according to their gender. 

SWATH gets mentioned a couple of times as a reason why our stars made the list. Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth all made the cut.

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There are many lists Kristen Stewart tops from the serious (Forbes) to the mundane (Best Dressed). However, Empire takes a look at the roles played to make her one of their Sexiest Movie Stars.

Listed at #4, Stewart has proved herself to be so much more than a "girl with a weakness for vampires," according to Empire. Stewart's Snow White was more impressive. 

Although their choice for her sexiest role was Em Lewin in Adventureland, Empire should take a look at her Tracy Tatro in Sean Penn's Into the Wild. Now that was pretty sexy too.  

Here's what Empire had to say:


Twilight’s Bella might have been the role that launched her to the next level of superstardom, but Stewart is more than simply a girl with a weakness for sparkly vampires. She’s proved herself capable of much more, in films like On The Road and even Snow White And The Huntsman – who doesn’t love a woman that can swing a sword likes she means it? 

SEXIEST ROLE: We’d plump for Adventureland’s Em Lewin, where she charms Jesse Eisenberg with her sarcastic appeal and quick wit. 

STROKE OF CHARM: Outing her fame-whoring dad (with love) on Conan.

Empire notes Chris Hemsworth's huntsman, however did not mention Charlize Theron's evil queen as one of her sexy roles although she has to be one of the sexiest evil queens ever. 

Read more about what makes them sexy below and visit Empire here to see their complete list of sexiest women and men.


There's a moment in the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot where someone points out that Thor is not, technically, a god. Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill retorts, “You haven't been near his arms.” It's hard to argue with the sex appeal of a man with biceps like that. And indeed all the other muscles. And the voice. And the smile. That he's also a devoted family man and unfailingly nice guy is just a bonus. 

SEXIEST ROLE: While he's handy with a big chopper in Snow White & The Huntsman, it's still as Thor that he shines most and swings the hammer hardest. 

STROKE OF CHARM: Basically everything on this page. 


Blessed with the iconic, leggy blonde looks of a supermodel, Theron wormed her way into our affections with an astonishing variety of roles. From her early, siren work in 2 Days In The Valley to more rewarding – yet still astonishingly lovely – turns in The Yards and The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers, she makes sexy seem effortless while also possessing the acting power to get the job done. 

SEXIEST ROLE: Squeezing into a tight-fitting catsuit for Aeon Flux certainly made the three people who saw take notice, and she was somehow still hot as hot mess Mavis Gary in Young Adult

STROKE OF CHARM: It can be tough to upstage Michael Fassbender. But Theron manages it here.

Theron photo from Hollywood Life

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