Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yes, we're still here going strong after 3 years (May 2011) being the first fansite in the world to support the film, the cast and crew for 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.   

As with all SWATH fans, we are patiently awaiting the second installment to SWATH.  But as we wait for production to begin, we continue to support all who were involved with SWATH.

We have watched the SWATH family continue to thrive with their careers from Sam Claflin starring in the blockbuster film sequel to the Hunger Games, 'Catching Fire'; Chris Hemsworth as a race car driver in 'Rush'; Kristen Stewart receiving rave reviews for her performances in 'Camp X-Ray' at Sundance and at the Cannes Film Festival for 'Clouds of Sils Maria'; Eddie Marsan in the hit TV drama 'Ray Donovan'; Nick Frost with Ian McShane showing their dance moves in 'Cuban Fury'; Ray Winstone in the blockbuster 'Noah'; Charlize Theron returning to Saturday Night Live showing her comedic chops; and Toby Jones in two blockbusters 'Catching Fire' and 'Captain America: Winter Soldier. 

Now we are about to see SWATHers onscreen this weekend in 'Maleficent' produced by Palak Patel and Joe Roth up against Charlize Theron in 'A Million Ways to Die in the West'.

SWATHers have continued to pursue other goals such as Craig Izzard going into retail selling men's leather bags,  Charlize Theron producing, Kristen Stewart having her first directorial debut and Johnny Harris writing a screenplay (The Ballad of Jimmy McCabe - IMDb).   

We hope to continue to bring you the latest news and updates about the cast and crew. 

We would like to thank the cast, crew, Universal and the great SWATH fans for the support over these years. 

A personal thank you to our Cheermom (Editor/Writer) for her undying support. xoxo

Lastly, we want to remember Mr. Bob Hoskins who we recently lost.  Mr. Hoskins was a beloved actor around the world leaving us with some of the most profound performances ever made in film.  

SWATH will always hold a special place in our hearts because we were there to be a part of his final journey in film with Snow White and the Huntsman being his final performance.

Rest in Peace Mr. Hoskins, you will be missed.

"She is the one."  ~ Bob Hoskins as Muir

Founder/Editor-in-Chief and Writer
The Enchanting Beauty ~  
Snow White & the Huntsman Fansite 

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