Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Coming off their successful premiere of 'Clouds of Sils Maria' at the Cannes Film Festival, Oscar winner Juliette Binoche has signed on to join Kristen Stewart in 'The Big Shoe'.

Their onscreen chemistry in CoSM was lauded by the critics. Fans have much to look forward to with these ladies getting back together.

'The Big Shoe', also starring Jim Sturgess, is currently in pre-production. CoSM is set to open December 1st.

SYNOPSIS: THE BIG SHOE is a daring and comedic romance about an unusual, creatively stifled shoe designer, Nate Arbinger, and his newfound muse, Delphi, who inspires him to resume his brilliant designs. Denied the chance by his family to design high-end women's shoes, Nate refuses to have anything to do with the family's industrial footwear business while his father is still alive. Following his death, Nate returns home for the funeral, knowing that his mother, Irene, and older sister, Ellen, desperately want him to revive and revamp the company but he has little interest in fulfilling their wishes. 

 His lack of engagement prompts Irene to hire MK, a therapist who specialises in treating foot fetishists, in order to woo Nate back to work. MK, in turn, hires Delphi, a foot model and prostitute to act as Nate's muse. Inspired by the beautiful Delphi with whom he is clearly falling in love, Nate begins to create his most beautiful work. But when the family seizes control of his new line of shoes and separates him from his muse, he suffers a breakdown until MK intervenes to restore an unexpected and surprising harmony to his life.

Photo credit source: Zimbio

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