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UPDATE (July 31, 2014): Universal has confirmed that it will not pursue SWATH 2 but proceed with a pre-quel named 'The Huntsman' starring Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron. 


Over a year ago, it was rumored that Universal was poised to make a spinoff to Snow White and The Huntsman excluding Kristen Stewart's Snow White in favor of solely featuring Chris Hemsworth's huntsman. According to reports, it appears that it is coming to fruition.

Deadline is reporting that Frank Darabont, creator of The Walking Dead, is in talks to direct what would be a spinoff of a "Huntsman only" film.  

The Wrap writes that Hemsworth is a "bigger star" since the release of 'The Avengers' films which is the reason for the change.

Maybe someone missed what happened at the Cannes Films Festival this year. Or maybe the fact that Stewart's film 'American Ultra' was only in script stage when Lionsgate purchased its rights after its presentation at the Berlin Film Festival for a "massive" $7 million. Bigger star?

The Wrap is further reporting that it is possible that Stewart "could" make "cameo appearances."  This could be seen as a ploy to give her fans a wink and a nod in order to use them to pad the box office.  But will they bite? (vampire pun)

Charlize Theron is set to "reprise her role as the evil queen, who was left trapped in her own mirror at the end of the first film," according to The Wrap. 

If this is true, then Hollywood would have dumped a strong female lead role for another male dominated action flick (which are a dime a dozen) particularly after the success of the fantasy film 'Maleficent' (BOM: $527,484,928 worldwide). 

Sure, it'll have another female in it, however she will not be the featured lead. Popping in the evil queen through a mirror just won't cut it. 

Stay tuned. 

Frank Darabont In Talks To Direct ‘Snow White And The Huntsman 2′

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Photo Credit: Deadline

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