Monday, October 24, 2011



So what can one do to highlight a fan who set the SWATH fanbase on fire by providing the coolest most elusive character in the movie, The Mirror Man?  A story so hot, bloggers were posting it world-wide.  A story that shot up on our "Three Most Popular Posts" list to the #2 story in the history of this blog. A character that even IMDb has not noted or maybe cannot note at this time.  But she got him. We know, it was a cool get wasn't it?

Malena's information is not an awesome SWATH license plate that you can visually show that it is yours or a fabulously fan-made Snow White Halloween costume which you show other fans how to make it, it's abstract.  Everything she does is in the abstract.  Obtaining information from a computer - abstract.  But she's good at it.  So, what do you do?  You bring her on board is what you do!

So we are excited to welcome Malena Casey, our Irish gem, as a writer to The Enchanting Beauty. 

Malena has been a consumate resource for us for a long time.  She has provided stories and information which confirmed the information we had obtained ourselves, allowing us to proceed with the story.  Malena is across the pond from us so it is nice to add a European perspective to stories as well as her Irish fiestiness and enthusiasm for SWATH.

Malena was initially reluctant because she was aware that EB does not make pre-written material a post and she would have to write which also takes a little time to do as well.  She said she was not a writer.  We chuckled and let her know that we were not the New York Times and anything she would provide would be just fine. Now she's a writer. You can read what Malena has written so far by clicking on the links below and look out for more to come.


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