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Charlize Theron
USA Today

Charlize Theron caused a buzz when she attended Variety's A-list 5th Annual Power of Women luncheon in Beverly Hills on Friday and it wasn't because she looked beautiful. 

Reports claim that the scarf around Theron's neck covered a scar due to neck surgery from an injury that occurred during the filming of the 2005 action film Aeon Flux. The scar was seen when the scarf shifted exposing a small bandage. 

Charlize closeup
Visible bandage

Theron is reported to be fine (as clearly seen in the photo above) as she attended the event.

Theron got emotional when speaking at the luncheon after receiving her honors for her work with HIV/AIDS.

Variety writes:

"Honoree Charlize Theron also harked back to her younger years as a girl growing up in South Africa. Theron, a vocal advocate for HIV awareness and AIDS research, said that in her home of South Africa, “we saw an entire generation virtually wiped out from AIDS. South Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV in the world — 12% of South Africa’s population is HIV positive.” 

Theron said, however, “It’s impossible for me to accept this award because there’s someone here so much more powerful than me.” Then, through tears, Theron nodded to her mother in the audience from the podium. 

“I hope you’re okay with me giving this award to my mom. That bitch was building roads in Africa when no woman was doing that. I thank you, Mom, for teaching me to by your actions how to be a strong woman, and for turning me into a pussy every time I talk to you.”" 

Read more about the Power of Women event at Variety and see a portion of Theron's emotional speech in the video below. 

Charlize Theron Gets Emotional Discussing HIV


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